Kế toán doanh nghiệp - Chapter 1: Role and purpose of accounting information systems

Learning objectives Definition of AIS AIS importance AIS generic structure Information literacy

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PowerPoint Presentation MaterialsAccounting Information Systems:Basic Concepts and Current Issues4th editionRobert L. HurtChapter 1Role and Purpose of Accounting Information SystemsOutlineLearning objectivesDefinition of AISAIS importanceAIS generic structureInformation literacyLearning objectivesDefine “accounting information systems.”Discuss why AIS is an important area of study for future accountants.Compare and contrast AIS with other areas of accounting.Explain the structure of most AIS.Locate and evaluate information sources on AIS.Definition of AISAn accounting information system is:A set of interrelated activities, documents and technologiesDesigned to collect data, process it and report informationTo a diverse group of internal and external decision makers in organizationsDefinition of AISActivitiesBusiness processesSales / collectionAcquisition / paymentConversionFinancingHuman resourceAccounting cycle stepsDocumentsPurchase ordersRemittance advicesTechnologiesGeneral ledger softwareERP systemsWhich steps in the accounting cycle do you recall from previous study?Definition of AISDataStacks of sales invoicesReceipts for the payment of rentInformationGeneral purpose financial statementsCost variance analysisDecision makersManagement (internal)Shareholders (external)OrganizationsFor profit (Microsoft)Not for profit (Red Cross)Governmental (State of California)AIS importanceDeveloping a strong AIS helps achieve some of the components of the FASB Conceptual Framework of Accounting Figure 1.1AIS importanceStudying AIS helps students develop many of the core competencies suggested by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Broad business perspective competenciesFunctionalcompetenciesPersonalcompetenciesAIS importanceAcquiring knowledge about AIS helps students learn more about common business processesSales / collection processAcquisition / payment processConversion processHuman resource processFinancing processAIS generic structureInternal controlInputProcessOutputStorageAIS generic structureInputs: source documentsProcesses: steps in the accounting cycleOutputs: general purpose financial statementsStorage: customer master fileInternal controls: separation of dutiesInformation literacySometimes called “information competence”The ability to find, evaluate, use and communicate information in all of its various formatsInformation literacyUMUC criteria for evaluating informationAuthority: Who created it? Why?Accuracy: Is the source identified? Is the information accurate?Information literacyUMUC criteria for evaluating informationObjectivity: Does it include advertising? Is it available freely?Currency: How old is the information?Coverage: Does the information have sufficient depth?
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