Bài giảng Chapter 16 Analyzing Qualitative Data

Analysis Process of labeling and break down raw data Brings order, structure, interpretation Messy, ambiguous, time consuming Begins after first data collection Reflexive – back and forth Inductive

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Chapter 16 Analyzing Qualitative DataAnalysis Process of labeling and break down raw dataBrings order, structure, interpretationMessy, ambiguous, time consumingBegins after first data collectionReflexive – back and forthInductive 1Analyzing Qualitative DataThe process of identifying themesRead all data to get overall senseStart broad list of themesRead data again looking for relationships among themesRead data again looking for instances that don’t’ fit themesUse the literature to guide your analysis2Choosing Analytic MethodSorting through a great deal of data is difficultMultiple plausible interpretations will be presentThe research question may have changedStill must remain true to participants’ meanings3Analytical MemosCaptures first impression and reflectionsResearcher writes memos to him or herselfNot part of the dataFirst attempt at analyzingSuggests avenues for additional collection or analytical schemesResearcher’s not participants’ evaluation4Dealing with DataPlace data into tables, diagrams, or graphsHelps see relationshipsComputer-assisted data analysisData management Data analysisThe intellectual hard work of analyzing remains5Coding and Categorizing DataReduces the data into a manageable sizeCategory = set of similar excerpts, examples, or themesExisting or emergent Label categories with a few words or short phraseLook for opposite or negative cases6Thematic AnalysisTheme = conceptualization of interaction, relationship, eventThree criteriaRecurrenceRepetitionForcefulness7Process of InterpretationMaking sense or giving meaning to patterns, themes, concepts, and propositionsTranslating categories into meaningful wholeMetaphoric frameDramatistic frameTheoretical frame8Evaluating InterpretationDo participant quotes illuminate the analysis?At least 3 examplesCredibilityAre findings believable?Are findings agreeable to participants?Triangulation9