Bài giảng E-Business and e-Commerce - Chapter 18: e-Publishing

e-Publishing is creating role reversals in the publishing industry Self publishing is made easier with the Web Print-on-demand will become widely available Steven King and others have revolutionized the publishing industry with their e-publishing efforts XrML could make security and copyright concerns disappear

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*Chapter 18, e-PublishingOutline 18.1 Introduction 18.2 Electronic Publishing 18.3 Self-Publishing 18.4 Print on Demand 18.5 e-Publishing: Related Hardware and Technologies 18.5.1 XrML 18.5.2 e-Books 18.6 Online News Services 18.7 e-Zines and Online Magazines 18.8 Future of e-Publishing *18.1 Introductione-Publishing is creating role reversals in the publishing industrySelf publishing is made easier with the WebPrint-on-demand will become widely availableSteven King and others have revolutionized the publishing industry with their e-publishing effortsXrML could make security and copyright concerns disappear*18.2 Electronic PublishingTraditional publishing relies on large print quantities to keep costs lowCannibalizationA decrease in sales of a product directly resulting from the launch of a new improved productBreak-even pointThe exact point when revenues and expenses are equal*18.2 Electronic PublishingMajor publishers will have to restructure revenue models to cover the resulting expenseTraditional distribution providers and storage facilities could also be hurt by a shift to electronic publishingContent creatorThe writer or author of content*18.2 E-Publishing SWOT*18.2 Project GutenbergStarted at Xerox in 1970 to measure operator productivityThey needed a project that would take a huge number of man hoursGoal to convert 10,000 public domain classics into electronic formatUsed ASCII for uniformityMany e-publishing sites offer Guttenberg texts at no charge*18.3 Self PublishingThe Internet makes it easier to offer your materials to a global audienceSelf publishing includes writing, publishing and marketing your materialsEven without an e-commerce infrastructure e-matter can attract visitorsNewsletters are a popular medium for self publishing*18.3 Self PublishingSubsidy e-publishingMaterial is published, but only on an honor systemMarketing and distribution is offered at an additional fee Examples:XlibrisMightyWordsiUniverse@Random*18.3 Steven King Self Publisher FeatureIn March 2000, Ride The Bullet sells 400,000 electronic copiesHis second effort The Plant was self published and sold on the Web on the honor systemIf 75% paid for the material, the book continuedSteven King was one of the first major publishers to use the electronic medium*18.3 Steven King Self Publisher FeatureStephen King self published his second e-book, The Plant. (Courtesy of Stephen King.)*18.3 Steven King Self Publisher FeatureMightywords gives authors a chance to publish their works online. (Courtesy of Mightywords.com.) *18.4 Print-on-DemandCustom printing will make every piece of content available in a few minutesBookstores and libraries could offer print on demand servicesPrint-on-demand could help prevent waste and reduce deforestationBarnes and Noble may begin offering print-on-demand in their retail stores*18.5 e-Publishing Hardware, Software and Related technologiesE-books, personal digital assistants and the Web have transformed content creation and publishingE-bookA product which displays electronic content on a device the size of the average paperback bookXrML will protect copyrighted material A standard e-publishing format will be possible with XML*18.5.1 XrMLXrMLThe extensible rights markup language uses XML to define the usage rights of a particular document or productTrusted SystemProducts such as VCRs, copy machines and printers which read and execute XrML rulesXrML can be used to protect any digital product be assigning specific user rights*18.5.2 e-Book ReadersElectronic book reader technology formats electronic content so that it is easily Personal Digital Assistants, home computers and e-books readers can all be used to read e-published materialExamples:Gemstarebook.comOpenebook.comPeanutpress.com*18.5.2 e-Book ReaderseBook is one of many electronic book readers available. (Courtesy of Gemstar- TV Guide International.)*18.6 Online News SourcesThe Web is a major resource for accurate up-to-the-minute news and informationThe Web is also a resource for rumors and false informationMajor news providers compete with individuals and small players onlineExamples:CNNESPNDrudge Report*18.7 e-Zines and Online Magazinese-ZineAn electronic magazine usually focused on a small subject areae-Zines and newsletters exists for a broad range of topicse-Zines are a good way to get your products and services noticedExamples:InfojumpFool.comSlate*18.8 Future of e-PublishingDigital paper and digital clothing will allow writing on almost any surfaceXerox has created the fist digital printing format which stores large amounts of data in small characters called dataglyphsA convergence of media will enhance digital publishing *18.8 E-InkE-Ink was created at MIT and allows text to be dynamically generated on thin mediaMicrocapsulesSmall blue fluid filled capsules filled with pigment chipsPigment chipSmall positively charged chips that when drawn to the surface of a microcapsule make it appear whiteBy selectively applying a negative charge to microcapsules, text can be created In the future E-Ink will be applied to any surface providing paper thin electronic text*18.8 E-InkE Ink is made up of microcapsules. (Courtesy of E Ink Corporation- October 2000.)