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101. Customers can receive a refund of shipping costs _______ their order is not delivered within ten business days. (a) if (b) so (c) that (d) should

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NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7 Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes 101. Customers can receive a refund of shipping costs _______ their order is not delivered within ten business days. (a) if (b) so (c) that (d) should 102. The Transit Authority is _______ construction proposals for a railroad between Rutger City and Sampson International Airport. (a) consider (b) considering (c) considerate (d) consideration 103. The town board voted to _______ community noise regulations. (a) amend (b) command (c) lengthen (d) describe 104. The storm gradually decreased in _______ as it neared the coast. (a) intense (b) intensity (c) intensify (d) intensification 105. Tinsdale Corp. will open three manufacturing plants _______ the end of next year. (a) on (b) to (c) by (d) of 106. Max-light hopes their new advertising campaigns will _______ flashlight sales. (a) link (b) boost (c) fixture (d) celebrate 107. Computers with a Linx operating system are not _______ of running Digitext software. (a) capable (b) capability (c) capableness (d) capabilities 108. We are pleased _______ the winner of this year's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Management. (a) announces (b) announced (c) to announce (d) are announcing 109. STR Telecom entered a _______ of $2 billion to purchase Orstadt Mobile Communications. (a) bid (b) finance (c) privilege (d) statement 110. The contract must be _______ before being sent to potential employees. (a) revise (b) revised (c) reviser (d) revision 111. Despite recent setbacks at Starfax, the company's shares _______ strong. (a) climb (b) remain (c) decrease (d) summarize 112. Airline passengers may board the plane with only one carry-on bag _______ a purse or laptop. (a) as far as (b) on behalf of (c) in addition to (d) with regard to 113. Motorists were cautioned to _______ using the highway during rush hour. (a) avoid (b) decide (c) quickly (d) purchase 114. Chessari's Restaurant is a favorite among critics and customers _______. (a) alike (b) gourmet (c) preferred (d) affording 115. Lauren Robinson's debut single quickly _______ number one on the music charts in both the United Kingdom and Australia. (a) reach (b) reached (c) to reach (d) reaching 116. _______ two years at Jay-Dickinson, Janet was promoted to assistant manager of sales. (a) Under (b) While (c) After (d) Since 117. Customers who withdraw too much money from their account will _______ an overdraft fee. (a) incur (b) involve (c) provide (d) continue 118. Executives at Hirsch, Inc. eliminated unnecessary meetings, _______ on memorandums to communicate with employees instead. (a) rely (b) relying (c) reliable (d) reliance 119. A bachelor's degree and at _______ five years of experience is required for this position. (a) last (b) times (c) least (d) stake 120. The Cornwall Library has the most extensive _______ of encyclopedias in the area. (a) collect (b) collection (c) collectable (d) collectively 121. Finster Holdings is in talks to _______ a majority share of Townsend Bank's stock. (a) frame (b) merger (c) install (d) acquire 122. The bridge connecting Potsdam to Suffern will open _______ traffic on Tuesday. (a) to (b) at (c) as (d) from 123. _______ to Sports Monthly now, and you will receive twelve issues for the price of nine. (a) Subscribe (b) Subscriber (c) Subscribes (d) Subscription 124. The Mountainview Hotel offers its guests a _______ buffet breakfast every morning. (a) valuable (b) situated (c) dependent (d) complimentary 125. We regret to inform you that Ms. Markowitz's workshop on public speaking _______ postponed until next week. (a) were (b) being (c) has been (d) would be 126. Last year's _______ were proven accurate when the annual budget report was released. (a) project (b) projection (c) projectile (d) projections 127. Academic faculty members at Paul University are required to _______ regular office hours for student advising. (a) talk (b) bank (c) part (d) hold 128. Compusearch is an independent, nonprofit testing and research organization that specializes in computer _______. (a) guess (b) pieces (c) expense (d) ratings 129. The prime minister made _______ first visit to China in more than ten years. a) she (b) her (c) hers (d) herself 130. Work on the building _______ project is scheduled to begin next Thursday. (a) measure (b) response (c) expansion (d) difference 131. Analysts predict shares of Techmax's stock will continue to increase as their merger with Lexcon _______. (a) process (b) proceeds (c) procedure (d) procession 132. Since the company's _______ 30 years ago, it has become a household name. (a) found (b) founder (c) founding (d) foundational 133. If you know the extension number of the employee you are trying to _______, please dial it now. (a) return (b) appear (c) operate (d) contact 134. Unfortunately, _______ room is available on June 16. (a) none (b) both (c) some (d) neither 135. Littrel, Inc. is _______ employees to fill entry-level positions at their main branch. (a) applying (b) sampling (c) intending (d) recruiting 136. Before choosing an insurance policy, speak with a Sure Life Insurance agent to explore all of your _______ options. (a) cover (b) coverage (c) covering (d) coverable 137. Ms. Winchell frequently _______ business for Taylor-Davenport in Africa and Asia. a) joins (b) travels (c) conducts (d) originates 138. _______ Travel Smart Magazine, August is the best month to travel in Australia. (a) Prior to (b) Inside of (c) As well as (d) According to 139. Patterson Tower has become a national _______ for Point Patterson City. (a) symbol (b) symbolic (c) symbolize (d) symbolism 140. The package is _______, so please handle it with care. (a) fragile (b) careful (c) mistaken (d) duplicate Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. How to Invest Online With many brokerage firms offering online trading options, more investors are choosing to invest online. With online services, investors can enter orders _______ instead of going through their broker. 141. (a) direct (b) directly (c) directed (d) direction Still, some online orders are _______ by a broker to ensure safe trading for the client and the firm. Low fees are another appeal of online brokerage firms. 142. (a) educated (b) energized (c) monitored (d) manufactured _______, more expensive full-service brokers come with the benefit of advice from market experts, something that is often lacking in the online investment world. 143. (a) Any (b) However (c) Because (d) Regarding Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. From: Steven Chang To: All managers Subject: Mandatory seminar As you _______ have heard, Sarah Joel, the director of human resources for Caffrey Corporation, will visit our office on Wednesday, February 26 to give a seminar entitled Hiring a Workforce. 144. (a) did (b) may (c) can (d) would In her seminar, Ms. Joel will discuss various issues in employee hiring and training. This seminar is mandatory for all managers. It will start _______ at 6:30 P.M. in the conference room. 145. (a) gently (b) falsely (c) promptly (d) similarly If you will not be able to attend the seminar for any reason, please speak with Lucy in administration. Official _______ of the reason for absence is required before leave will be granted. 146. (a) document (b) documenter (c) documentary (d) documentation Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. From: Lawrence Horton [hortonl@technet.com] To: Marshall Gonzales [mgales@ez.net] Subject: Contact Information Marshall, I misplaced my mobile phone last weekend. Please contact me at my home phone number or by e-mail if you have any questions concerning _______ meeting on Friday. My home phone number is (607) 772-6566. 147. (a) us (b) our (c) ours (d) ourselves I'd still like to meet at The Townhouse at 5 P.M. if _______. Let me know if you need directions there, and I'd be happy to provide them. 148. (a) possible (b) possibly (c) possibility (d) possibilities I hope to hear from you soon, and I apologize for the _______. 149. (a) warning (b) stabilization (c) attentiveness (d) inconvenience Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. Dear Ms. Hopkins, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to _______ me about the marketing position at Cyrion Edutools, Inc. 150. (a) inform (b) informative (c) information (d) informational I would like to take this _______ to reiterate my interest in the position. 151. (a) service (b) assistance (c) opportunity (d) questionnaire It would be a great honor to work for such a distinguished company, and I _______ positive my background and experience would be an asset to you. 152. (a) am (b) is (c) be (d) are Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes Casey's Florist Hamilton's best florist and gift shop Present this coupon to receive 50 percent off all bouquets for our Tenth Anniversary Sale. Coupon expires April 11 Casey's Florist is located on the corner of Farber and Rosen Streets in downtown Hamilton. Open seven days a week 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. (744) 845-9003 153. What does the coupon offer to customers? (a) A discount on bouquets (b) A free gift with purchases (c) Free delivery of all flowers (d) Discounted merchandise for one week 154. What information about the shop is NOT included on the coupon? a) The hours (b) The location (c) The Web address (d) The phone number Computer Help By Elise Hershey Tip #349 Printer errors are a common source of frustration for computer users. Often, printer errors occur when there are too many print jobs in queue. If your printer will not print a document or is printing something other than the document you chose, turn it off. While the printer is turned off, access the operating system main menu on your computer or laptop. Click on the folder titled Printers and delete any documents in the print queue. Once you have cancelled all pending print jobs, turn your printer back on and try to print the desired document. If this does not work, you may want to reinstall the software that originally came with your printer. 155. What is the main purpose of the article? (a) To compare prices on printers (b) To announce a product's release (c) To instruct on printing documents (d) To give advice on fixing a problem 156. What is mentioned about software? (a) It is included in the price. (b) It may need to be reinstalled. (c) It should be exchanged for another program. (d) It can be used on multiple operating systems. From: Reiko Kenji To: Brent Wood, Holly Marquez, Tamia Mumba, Arel Mance Subject: Sick days Attention all department managers: Effective January 3, all sick leave forms must be accompanied by a physician's note. As always, forms must be submitted to the general affairs office and approved by Mr. Ferguson before any absences are designated as paid sick leave. Employees are entitled to a maximum of 15 paid absences per calendar year. This includes ten days for medical and five days for personal leave. Any absences that are not accompanied by medical documentation will be considered a paid personal day off unless the employee s limit of five paid personal absences has been exceeded. In this case, the absence will be unpaid and subject to review by the human resources staff during employee evaluations. Please discuss this with the members of your department at your next departmental meeting. Call me at extension 6767 if you have any questions regarding this change in policy. Reiko 157. When will the new policy begin? (a) December 11 (b) December 15 (c) January 3 (d) January 10 158. What are employees required to do? (a) Get a health examination (b) Get a note from their doctor (c) Submit their medical records (d) Use the company health insurance plan. 159. Where should documents be submitted? (a) To Mr. Wood's office (b) To Ms. Kenji's office (c) To the general affairs office (d) To the human resources department 160. What can be inferred about unpaid absences? (a) Employees are entitled to five per year. (b) They are a new part of the absence policy. (c) Human resources employees take them often. (d) They are considered during employee evaluations. Dear Ms. Lucketti, On behalf of the Parent Teacher Association, I would like to apologize for the misinformation in our last letter concerning the school board meeting for April. Unfortunately, the wrong date was included in that letter. The school board meeting will not be held on Wednesday, April 13, but instead on Tuesday, April 12 at 7 P.M. The meeting will be held in the Opelousas Central High School Auditorium as stated in the original letter. Again, we apologize for this oversight and hope it does not discourage you from attending. As you know, the new high school curriculum will be discussed at this meeting. As the parent of an Opelousas Central High School Student, we believe it is important for you to attend this meeting. If you have any further questions or would like to clarify any information in this letter, please call our office at 948-8045. Sincerely, Fern Lee Opelousas PTA 161. Who is Ms. Lee? (a) A member of the Opelousas school board (b) An Opelousas Central High School student (c) A teacher at Opelousas Central High School (d) A member of the Parent Teacher Association 162. For what does Ms. Lee apologize in her letter? (a) Not responding sooner (b) Not attending a past meeting (c) A last-minute schedule change (d) A mistake in a previous letter 163. What topic will be covered at the school board meeting? (a) The new curriculum (b) A building renovation (c) A school board election (d) The high school fundraiser Credit Card Statement Account holder: Deborah Glass Account number: XXX XXXX XXX 7482 Billing period: August 21 to September 21 Current balance: $290.22 Available credit: $209.78 Minimum payment due: $45 Payment due date: October 10 Posted Transaction Amount Balance September 20 Mitchell's Groceries $39.22 $290.22 September 19 Abuela's Mexican Restaurant $45.10 $251.00 September 11 Mitchell's Groceries $56.75 $205.90 September 7 Office Supply Warehouse $12.90 $149.15 August 28 The Sandwich Factory $32.20 $136.25 August 23 Electronics World $104.05 $104.05 Beginning Balance: $0.00 164. What is true about Ms. Glass? (a) She eats at The Sandwich Factory often. (b) She purchased groceries twice in September. (c) She works near Abuela's Mexican Restaurant. (d) She used a coupon at Office Supply Warehouse. 165. How much did Ms. Glass pay at Office Supply Warehouse? (a) $12.90 (b) $32.20 (c) $104.05 (d) $149.15 166. On what day did Ms. Glass most likely purchase electronics? (a) August 23 (b) August 28 (c) September 18 (d) October 10 From: Jack Fox To: All employees Subject: New mailboxes During the week of Monday, October 25, the mailroom will be closed so new mailboxes can be installed. Once the mailroom is reopened on Monday, November 1, everyone will be assigned a mailbox that corresponds to their office number. Until then, mail will be stored and sorted in the administrative office. You may pick up your mail there. Jack Fox 167. Why was the memo written? (a) To explain a new office procedure (b) To announce that a room will be closed (c) To inform employees about a new schedule (d) To notify employees about a training session. 168. What will employees receive on November 1? (a) A mailbox number (b) A project outline (c) A company calendar (d) An employee handbook Research Analyst The Vancouver Council on Higher Education (VCHE) is currently seeking three candidates to fill positions in research analysis at their main office. The VCHE is an independent research agency that works to improve the quality of Vancouver's postsecondary education system and increase its accessibility to students of all backgrounds. The VCHE monitors quality and accessibility within Vancouver public universities and provides the information it compiles to both the academic institutions and the government. The VCHE also advises both parties on how best to meet improvement and accessibility goals. The VCHE is seeking three Research Analysts to support the aforementioned research efforts. Research Analysts will work directly under the Vice President of Research. They will also work closely with senior research staff to develop evaluative methods, write reports, and prepare presentations. Requirements * A master's degree in education, social science, or a related field; * Strong statistical analysis skills as demonstrated through at least two years of experience in a research-based occupation; * Familiarity with data analysis software applications; * Exceptional written and oral communication skills; and * Exceptional presentation skills. In order to be considered for a position, please send all documents by August 7. 169. What is the VCHE? (a) A research agency (b) A security company (c) A public university (d) A software manufacturer. 170. How many positions are currently available? (a) One (b) Two (c) Three (d) Four 171. What is indicated about the position advertised? (a) It will begin on August 7. (b) It will be in the Toronto office. (c) Employees will lobby government officials. (d) Employees will work with the senior research staff. 172. What is NOT listed as a requirement for the position? (a) A master's degree (b) Presentation skills (c) Five years of experience (d) Familiarity with software. Net Tech Agreement Net Tech guarantees that all of its machines conform to Net Tech specifications and are free from manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, Net Tech agrees to repair or exchange any Net Tech machine that does not meet specifications or contains defects of any kind. The warranty period begins on the date of the machine's purchase and extends for one year. The machine's date of purchase can be found on the original sales receipt. If, during the warranty period, any part of the machine is removed for a Net Tech conversion or upgrade, the replacement part will fall under the same warranty agreement as the removed part. Unless otherwise specified, the warranty period and service level of the added part will be the same as that of the Net Tech machine on which it has been installed. This warranty agreement applies only in the country or region where the Net Tech machine was purchased. 173. What type of document is this? (a) A warranty (b) A sales receipt (c) A gift certificate (d) A set of instructions. 174. What is true about the document? (a) It was issued by the manufacturer. (b) It does not have an expiration date. (c) It is valid in more than one country. (d) It does not apply to machine upgrades. 175. What is indicated about replacement parts? (a) They are not eligible for a discount. (b) They are covered under the original warranty. (c) They should be installed by a licensed professional. (d) They must be returned within seven days for a full refund. Dear Ms. Kowalski, I would like to introduce our newest math workbook series to you. As an elementary educator who uses books from Eduvantage Publishing, I think you will find this workbook series beneficial. Math Basics is a workbook series aimed at elementary school students in second, third, and fourth grade. The goal of the series is to reinforce the basic math concepts students will learn from regular classroom lessons. The series contains three workbooks at three different levels, all of which can be used as a supplement to regular classroom teaching and will strengthen the math skills and strategies students already possess. E
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