Marketing plan: Functional Food Company

Structure 1. Executive Summary 2. Environmental Analysis * The marketing environment * Target market * Current marketing objectives and performances 3. SWOT Analysis * Strengths and Weaknesses * Opportunities and Threats

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3/13/2012 1 Functional Food Company Structure 1. Executive Summary 2. Environmental Analysis * The marketing environment * Target market * Current marketing objectives and performances 3. SWOT Analysis * Strengths and Weaknesses * Opportunities and Threats Structure 4.Marketing Objectives 5.Marketing Strategies * Target Marketing * Marketing Mix 6.Marketing Implementation 7.Evaluation and Control 1.Executive Summary • In recent years, the amount of organic food production sold hasn’t risen significantly. • Marketing Division presents brand-new marketing strategies with the intension of increasing market shares, sales and profits. • Cost needed for this project: 600 millions VND 2. Environmental Analysis i) The Marketing Environment : External Environmental Factors: Economy : Predicted Development Rate 20% Social Culture : Traditional Medicine Technology : innovated machines and upgrading processes Competitor : over 1,000 companies manufacturing and importing types of functional food Potentials : more opportunities for small-scale companies 3/13/2012 2 2. Environmental Analysis i) The Marketing Environment : Internal Environmental Factors :  Culture : delivering all kinds of products through a series of pharmacies  Human resources : competent scientists and staff  Marketing Plan : no proper marketing plan in Viet Nam  Finance resources : over 700 billions from selling shares 2.Environmental Analysis ii) Target Market : kinds of target customers + high-income and busy customers + patients + people having special diets ( kids, teenagers, pregnant women, elderly people) 2.Environmental Analysis iii) Current Marketing Objectives and Performances: * Objectives :  Rise sales by at least 20%  Enhance by 6% in market share in 2011  Get more attentions from average-income consumers * Performances:  No proper marketing activities 3.SWOT Analysis *Strengths :  Hard-working and experienced employee  Hi-tech factory  Superior Products  A variety of products suitable for everyone  Abundant financial budget 3.SWOT Analysis *Weakenesses: Poor deliver system  Weak customer care  Overshaded brand image  Dependency on pharmacies 3/13/2012 3 3.SWOT Analysis * Opportunities: Upward trend on the level of demands of organic food products  Changes in people ’s perception New ways to sell products  Innovation in methods to approach new customers 3.SWOT Analysis *Threats:  More appearances of multinational large-scale firms Degraded quality of resources  Inflation (economic challenges) 4.Marketing Objectives  Product Improvement: enhance the quality of functional food with a range of products with upgraded production stage ;  Profitability : 20% development index  Market share : accounting for 15% in the next 5years  Distribution: wide distribution channel  Employment trainning activities : offer more short courses to improve employee ’s work aspects 5.Marketing Strategies *Target Marketing Selection :  Geography : clients mainly from cities  Psychological profile: convience and quickness Product usage : 1. Supply trace elements and vitamins immediately 2. Improve performances of nervous system, digestive system 3. Affect on health and beauty positively 5.Marketing Strategies *The development of Marketing Mix Product : product diversity Price : ranges of prices acceptable for office workers, businessmans, and even patients Place : sell commodities through shops, phone and by internet  Promotion : offer attractive promotions, discount 6.Marketing Implementation * January and mid Febuary 2011:  Hold seminar about benefits of functional food, with the presence of specialists and consultants  Arrange a press-conference to get attention of potential customers  Upgrade and open the head-offices across Viet Nam  Mount a health march 3/13/2012 4 6.Marketing Implementation * From March to May 2011:  Provide scholarships for students majoring in food technology and biology technology  Offer students from universities, high schools free tours of our factory * In July and August 2011  Conduct survey of consumer’s understanding of functional foods and give them brochure of our firm  Enhance salesclerks’s quality 3/13/2012 5 6.Marketing Implementation * From late January 2011  Advertise on some websites of health, buses, newspaper, panels in the centre of HCMcity  Extend the best possible customer care  Expand distribution channel  Set up official website of our own firm  Sell shares of company 7.Evaluation and Control Controlling the advertising campaign Sales analysis: making a report about profit and loss Arranging some meetings to evaluate and improve the quality of strategy Making a detailed list of customer’s information with their comments to have a good customer’s care Evaluating the quality of salesclerks 3/13/2012 6 Reference • The Academy of Sciences and Healthy Life • Websites of Functional Food Companies • • • • THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTIONS Members : 1.Nguyễn Trương Phương Thủy 2.Nguyễn Ngọc Đức 3.Nguyễn Phương Trúc 4.Đỗ Thị Thu Trang 6.Tưởng Thị Hồng Hạnh 6.Đoàn Thị Ngọc Bích