Tài chính doanh nghiệp - Chapter 14: Doing business in industrialised countries

Definition of Industrial Countries (IC’s) Import markets in IC'S Trade issues in IC'S Export marketing aspects Considerations for Investing in IC'S

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Chapter 14: Doing Business in Industrialised countriesTHE TRIADJapanE.UUSATOPIC PLANDefinition of Industrial Countries (IC’s)Import markets in IC'STrade issues in IC'SExport marketing aspectsConsiderations for Investing in IC'SFeatures of Industrialised CountriesHigh per capita income and standard of livingMarket based economic systems.Limited government interventionMature secondary sector; Dynamic tertiary sectorRational macroeconomic policiesSophisticated financial systemsWell-develop infrastructuresAdvanced communication networksHigh-level education and trainingIndustrial Countries As Mixed EconomiesPredominance of the private sectorDomestic firms (small,medium,large)MNE'sVarious degrees of government intervention.Substantial freedom for markets and MNE'sGovernment Involvement in the Production of Goods & ServicesGovernment sector:about 1/3 of GDP of IC's + 10% of GDP for government companiesGovernment ownership : Electric and telephone utilities,Banking,Petroleum etc.AustraliaAbout 1/4 of GDP( >US and UK ; inward FDI than JapanForeign affiliates:1.5% of total sales in JapanSectoral shifts since the mid.1970'sServices up;Primary/Secondary sectors downBanking-the leading service sectorInvestment ConsiderationsPolitical stabilityNationalisation ,government controlsPrices,pollutionEconomic outlook (e.g. synchronised cycles)Attitude to foreign investmentInvestment ConsiderationsTaxesIncentivesPersonnel, labour and social considerationsExchange ratesFDI Inflows into Oceania, 1989-2000, US$ B.