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101. There is no penalty for checking out late, although this hotel offers an ________ for leaving early. (a) innovation (b) inconvenience (c) instance (d) incentive

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JUNE 2009 - NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7 Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes 101. There is no penalty for checking out late, although this hotel offers an ________ for leaving early. (a) innovation (b) inconvenience (c) instance (d) incentive 102. Kilgore considers fire ________ a priority considering the kinds of chemicals its workers handle. (a) prevent (b) prevention (c) preventative (d) preventing 103. ------- medical care in emergencies is part of the Health and Safety representative's job. (a) Administered (b) Administering (c) Administer (d) Administration 104. All staff are required to ________ their own computers and move them to the interim office on the 5th floor. (a) disconnect (b) release (c) protest (d) reject 105. ------- in the envelope are two copies of the apartment contract, one of which you must sign and mail to the superintendent. (a) Discovered (b) Buried (c) Fashioned (d) Enclosed 106. Due to the fact that Avata's flat screen televisions are already discounted, they will not ________ for this weekend's sale. (a) perform (b) sanction (c) eligible (d) qualify 107. Ms. Wolk ________ the final expense figures when Dr. Johnston asked her to send in the next patient. (a) completes (b) had completed (c) have completed (d) will complete 108. There was nothing ________ about Hewell Corporation's decision to fire 20 employees without reason. (a) legal (b) allowed (c) reversed (d) broken 109. If the interviews are done ________ then there may not be any need to call the applicants in a second time. (a) similarly (b) suddenly (c) properly (d) comfortably 110. Before you put the tickets on your credit card, ask Ms. Jarmish to ________ the dates of the conference with the regional office. (a) refund (b) release (c) reject (d) reconfirm 111. For a Fortune 500 company, even an entry-level employee should show a certain amount of ________. (a) ambitious (b) ambitionless (c) ambition (d) ambitiously 112. Bruce is the first real estate agent to earn a million in sales commissions, but he ________ 17 hours a day to do it. (a) engaged (b) fell (c) worked (d) sustained 113. On the day that Sue tells us about her engagement, let's ________ the patio at Alfredo's Restaurant and celebrate with a late dinner. (a) reserve (b) reserving (c) reserved (d) reservation 114. Sales for the ________ few weeks have been far below expectations. (a) prior (b) historical (c) before (d) last 115. We've tried everything except begging to ________ this clothing line and nothing has worked. (a) promote (b) promoting (c) be promoted (d) had promoted 116. Winston Tines is ________ interested in an affordable holiday than an unforgettable experience. (a) under (b) lower (c) less (d) not 117. Sennex has revised its security ________ in light of last week's break-in in San Diego. (a) formula (b) policy (c) gadget (d) market 118. If you are ________ to pay the amount printed below, we suggest that you at least make the minimum payment of $23.17. (a) able (b) unable (c) inability (d) can 119. I know of several executives who still insist on shaking hands to close a ________. (a) plan (b) function (c) performance (d) deal 120. It is clear by the sad look on Mac's face that the merger between Double Dare and Sweet Tooth ________ yet. (a) has been approved (b) have approved (c) hasn't been approved (d) hasn't approved 121. The sale will be extended to the end of the month to get ________ of overstocked merchandise. (a) rid (b) free (c) away (d) clear 122. According to the company, more than half its ________ come from overseas markets. (a) earning (b) finance (c) invests (d) profits 123. The human resources manager will answer all questions ________ benefits for new employees. (a) regard (b) regards (c) regarding (d) regarded to 124. The sailing competition will be ________ on cable television live from Monaco. (a) seen (b) aired (c) exposed (d) expressed 125. After working only 14 months, the editor ________ the newspaper. (a) left (b) leave (c) leaves (d) leaving 126. Exercise is the most recommended way ________ stress and stay healthy. (a) to release (b) release in (c) of released (d) for release 127. More travelers are ________ interested in tours that are environmentally friendly. (a) marking (b) staying (c) becoming (d) believing 128. This garment should be washed ________ hand in cold water with a mild detergent. (a) in (b) by (c) to (d) with 129. The law is aimed towards keeping class sizes ________ in community colleges. (a) down (b) short (c) other (d) further 130. Shares dropped in both Asia and Europe due to ________ of a U.S. recession. (a) time (b) fears (c) feeling (d) thought 131. Sheer Shine's new line of hair products ________ company sales by 10 percent. (a) boost (b) booster (c) boosted (d) boosting 132. The need for geology graduates is increasing, ________ in mining towns such as Elmville. (a) perfectly (b) unusually (c) incredibly (d) especially 133. New software updates are available ________ the company Web site. (a) into (b) along (c) during (d) through 134. A three percent transaction fee will be charged on all credit card purchases ________ outside the United States. (a) make (b) made (c) maker (d) making 135. The house is located in the Hillshire area, ________ overlooks Oxbow Lake. (a) that (b) even (c) which (d) where 136. The price of the room includes a ________ breakfast buffet. (a) fresh (b) refresh (c) freshen (d) freshening 137. The new plan enables parents to control particular ________ on their child's mobile phone. (a) meaning (b) purpose (c) behaviors (d) functions 138. The outstanding balance is due ________ receipt of the notification. (a) for (b) upon (c) with (d) ahead 139. This ticket is ________ for one day and applicable for the city tour bus only. (a) valid (b) legal (c) suitable (d) purchased 140. The retail giant said it would expand ________ to Southeast Asia. (a) international (b) internationally (c) internationalize (d) internationalization Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. I would like to thank you for your bid for our upcoming event. At the Hent concert on July 1, we plan to distribute T-shirts with our logo to all those in attendance. After lengthy discussions, we have _______ made a decision about who will produce those shirts. 141. (a) final (b) finals (c) finally (d) finalized Unfortunately, your company was not awarded the contract. We were pleased with your designs, but we felt the cost was too high. However, we are considering selling tickets for other prizes. We were thinking about selling tickets on hoodies, gym bags. Would you be interested in producing these items for us? We would need five of each, and our logo must be placed on these items in a highly visible _______. 142. (a) size (b) location (c) material (d) design Please contact me as soon as possible with an _______. 143. (a) estimate (b) estimated (c) estimating (d) estimates Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. Vacations in Europe are getting better. Karana Travel _______ a special vacation package this spring, a 15-day tour of the Russian countryside. 144. (a) offer (b) will have offered (c) was offering (d) is offering Travelers will discover the beauty and excitement of Northern Europe in this $3,000 tour. Tour _______ includes airfare, hotels and accommodation, bus service between all locations, and breakfast. 145. (a) loan (b) cost (c) pay (d) installment If you have not done so already, be sure to apply for a Karana Travel Miles card _______ you book your tour. Each vacation earns you miles which you can combine for future discounts here at Karana. 146. (a) when (b) which (c) whoever (d) whichever Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. Summer is a busy driving season, for both young and old. Improved weather and road conditions _______ means there are more drivers on the road, often driving faster. This increases the risk of highway accidents. 147. (a) general (b) generalization (c) generalizing (d) generally The Highway Safety Board would like to remind you to take the following _______ this holiday season: 148. (a) precautions (b) assumptions (c) guides (d) orders 1. Put any children under four years of age in safety seats. 2. Do not place children in a front passenger seat that has an air bag. Air bags inflate suddenly and may be a serious danger _______ infants and rear seat is usually the safest place for children to ride. 149. (a) of (b) to (c) by (d) along 3. Never place a child in a safety seat with his or her back against an air bag. * For further questions, please contact your regional motor vehicle department. Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. Dear Mr. Henley, On behalf of Western Airlines, I would like to thank you for your continued business with our company and your _______ in our frequent flier program. 150. (a) participate (b) participated (c) participation (d) participating We appreciate all positive and negative feedback we get from our customers, and when possible, we try to _______ the situation. 151. (a) remedy (b) prepare (c) organize (d) solution In regard to your late flight, I would like to deeply apologize for your missed connection. _______ for this inconvenience you experienced, I have credited your account with an additional 5,000 miles. 152. (a) Apologizing (b) To apologize (c) For apology (d) Apologizing to We hope we can better serve you for your future flights. Nicholas Vaughn Western Airlines Representative. Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes GIRL'S BIKE FOR SALE We upgraded my daughter's bike recently, and now we don't need this one anymore. It is a pink and purple bike with a white basket. It comes with a horn and training wheels as well, which you must reattach yourself. It is in very good condition. The wheels are like new and the brakes work great. It has been ridden for about two years. We're asking for $30. We also have a matching helmet and kneepads that we're selling for $10. For more information e-mail Susan at susanp@crayton.com. 153. What is NOT true about the bicycle? (a) It is purple. (b) It is two years old. (c) It comes with a basket. (d) It has training wheels attached. 154. How much is the bicycle? (a) $10 (b) $15 (c) $25 (d) $30 The Scarborough Stamp Collector's Club will hold its first meeting of the year on Sunday, February 4 at 2 p.m. at the Golden Post Hotel. Interested collectors of all ages are encouraged to join to learn about stamp collecting and meet some of the most seasoned stamp collectors in the Scarborough area. The meeting will include club information, trading, auctions, and information about stamps. For additional information, please contact Sam Patterson at 489-2849. 155. Where will the meeting be held? (a) At a hotel (b) At the civic center (c) At the public library (d) At the club headquarters 156. What is true about the meeting? (a) An auction will be held. (b) Refreshments will be provided. (c) Club officers will be elected. (d) New members will be introduced. 157. Where can the coupon be used? (a) In a celebrity's home (b) At a TV studio (c) On a cruise ship (d) At a hotel 158. What can a reader expect to do at the event? (a) Learn the secrets of wine making (b) Meet professional wine makers (c) Experience different tastes (d) Hear travel stories Pearson University Mentor Tutoring Program Does your child need extra help in school, but you don't have time or can't afford a private tutor? Are your child's grades slipping? Pearson University is sponsoring a program to offer free tutoring to students from lower-income families. Pearson Education Students will offer a mentorship to younger students in need. Tutoring will be available to elementary, middle, and high school students with our primary focus on history, mathematics, science, and English. Additional subjects will be introduced according to need and interest shown. Tutoring will take place after school and on weekends at each campus. For more information on how to qualify for this offer, please call Ron Torres at 927-4929 or e-mail r.torres@pearsonuniversity.edu. 159. Who does NOT qualify for the tutoring program? (a) Low-income families (b) Students with low grades (c) Students in elementary school (d) Students who want to become educators 160. Who is sponsoring the program? (a) The city (b) The state (c) Ron Torres (d) Pearson University 161. What subject is currently NOT available? (a) History (b) Writing (c) Science (d) Mathematics. From: info@summersun.com To: Lisa Liu (lisa.liu@softworks.com) Subject: Summer Sun Cotton Originals Date: March 12, 2:28 p.m. ------------------------------------------------ Introducing Summer Sun Cotton Originals Summer Sun Cotton Originals clothing line is designed for active people who want the look their best with comfort. Cotton Originals are made in Europe with 100% organic cotton. The Cotton Originals line includes garments for everyday wear including shorts, skirts, pants, and of course, T-shirts. We also have specials for every season including jackets, leggings, and even swimsuits. To shop for Cotton Originals online, please visit our Web site at www.summersun.com. Don't forget, if you apply to the Summer Sun Credit Card, you'll save an additional 10 percent off all your purchases. Please add us to your address book to ensure proper delivery of our Internet specials. To unsubscribe to our mailing service, please click here. 162. What is the purpose of this e-mail? (a) To thank a customer (b) To announce a store sale (c) To announce a new clothing line (d) To inform customers of a new Web site 163. What is true about Cotton Originals? (a) They are made in Europe. (b) They are preshrunk to fit. (c) They are for summer sports. (d) They are available online only. 164. How can customers save 10 percent? (a) By ordering online (b) By printing a coupon (c) By introducing a friend (d) By applying for a credit card Sunnydale Annual Art Fair Sunndale Town Plaza May 3-5 The Sunnydale Annual Art Fair is now accepting applications for booth rental. Booth rentals are available to display art and to sell food and drinks. Applicants who wish to display art must ensure the art is original, with the artist running the booth. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and crafts are among the usual booths; however all art will be accepted. Applicants who wish to sell food and/or drinks must carry an approval from the Sunnydale Health Department for sanitary regulations. Last year the Sunnydale Annual Art Fair had more than 200 booths, with thousands of artwork sold. We hope to make this year's festival even better. Applications for booths are available for download on the city website at www.sunnydale.net/artfair_application. Applications are also available at the civic center. The fair committee is also looking for musicians from all genres of music who would like to perform at the fair. Interested musicians should call Doris at 247-2374. 165. What is NOT true about the art fair? (a) It will last for three days. (b) Free drinks will be provided. (c) It will feature original art. (d) It will take place at the town plaza. 166. What must applicants do to sell food? (a) Pay at $ 20 application fee. (b) Ensure the food is handmade. (c) Get a license from the city council. (d) Get an approval from the health department. 167. Where are applications available? (a) At city hall (b) At the civic center (c) At Sunnydale Art School (d) At Sunnydale Art Supplies Based in London, the Brixton Group is a leading gases and engineering company with projects in nearly 100 countries. The Brixton Group's projects are based on sustainable growth and innovation. Brixton works hard at maintaining high standards in environmental protection. We are also committed to developing technologies that promote sustainable development while ensuring customer value. Brixton's gases division is a leading supplier of industrial gases throughout the world. Our gases are used in steel production, chemical processing, food processing, and environmental protection. We are also a leading developer in hydrogen technology. For a complete list of our gases, please click here. The engineering division at Brixton concentrates on industrial plants for natural gas, hydrogen, synthesis gas, oxygen, and olefin. Our plants are used in petrochemical and chemical industries, in fertilizer plants, and in refineries. A list of our plants can be found here. 168. What is NOT true about the Brixton Group? (a) It recently agreed to a merger. (b) Its headquarters are in London. (c) It has projects in many countries. (d) It works in engineering 169. What is a primary development at Brixton? (a) Petroleum (b) Nanotechnology (c) Renewable energy (d) Hydrogen technology. 170. Where are Brixton's gases NOT used? (a) In oil refining (b) In steel production (c) In chemical processing (d) In environmental protection 171. Where most likely would this information be found? (a) In a magazine (b) On the Internet (c) In an advertisement (d) In a company brochure Do your feet hurt? Everyone's feet are different: from the length of the foot to the height of the arch. This is why not all shoes fit all people. Not all shoe padding is alike. With Fabian Insoles, your shoes will fit better, and you will feel like you're walking on air. Our patented designed insoles form to your feet and help evenly distribute weight, relieving pressure and making your feet lighter with every step you take. Our insoles also absorb moisture and allow air to circulate, providing added ease to your walk. Whether you wear dress shoes, high heels, loafers, or tennis shoes, there is a Fabian Insole right for you. The Fabian Institute also makes custom insoles. Just visit any location for more information and to have your feet measured. You can also visit us online at www.fabianinsoles.com. 172. What is being advertised? (a) Shoes (b) Foot powder (c) Shoe padding (d) A foot massager 173. What is NOT stated about the product? (a) Its design is patented. (b) It is recommended by doctors. (c) It allows air to pass through. (d) It is available in different sizes. 174. What does the Fabian Institute offer? (a) Custom made insoles (b) A free foot massage (c) A tour of the facility (d) Limited edition shoes on sale 175. The word“ form” in paragraph 2, line 2 is closest in meaning to: (a) mold (b) grow (c) design (d) document. How to deal with pollen Although the spring brings joy of chirping birds and beauty of colorful flowers, it also brings the misery of allergies, mainly associated with pollen. For some, pollen simply triggers occasional sneezing, yet for others, it is an unbearable agony of constant sneezing and itching of every body part. Medicines may bring relief to some symptoms, but there are other measures that should be taken to help relieve the problems pollen brings. * Remove clothes before entering the bedroom Countless hours of sleep are lost from itching and sneezing due to pollen. Although you may have closed all your windows, pollen can still enter your house through your hair and clothing. It is recommended to wash your hair every night and remove all outer clothing before entering your bedroom to ensure a better night of sleep. * Open windows at particular time of day Depending on where you live in the world and what you are allergic to, it might be best to open your window only at particular times of the day. For example, ragweed releases its pollen in the morning, so people who are allergic to this weed should avoid opening t
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