Marketing Plan: Vietnam Beer and Beverages Company VinaBB Co., LTD

Content:  Introduction  Current market situation  SWOT analysis  Objectives  Segmentation- Target  Promotion – Advertising  Conclusion

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Vietnam Beer and Beverages Company VinaBB Co., LTD Marketing Plan Content:  Introduction  Current market situation  SWOT analysis  Objectives  Segmentation- Target  Promotion – Advertising  Conclusion Introduction  VinaBB is a young beer and beverages company. We has been on market for nearly 3 years.  VinaBB are producing 3 brands: VinaCoke, VinaJuice and VinaBeer  At the end of 2009, VinaBB was having 400 labor.  VinaBB has distributed many social activities from a part of earnings. Chart of products 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 7000000 8000000 1st year 2nd year 3rd year VinaBeer VinaCoke VinaJuice 3-D Column 4 Current market situation  Supplier: _ VinaBeer are made of water, rice, malt, houlon flower. _ All main ingredients are imported so it cause the high cost material _ Recently, price of malt and houlon flower are slightly increasing  Competitor: Current market situation Distribution network 32% 20%10% 7% 4% 2% 25% SABECO Vietnam Brewery Limited HABECO VinaBeer SEAB_ Halida, Carlsberg HBL_ Huda, Festival Others Vietnamese beer market share in 2009 SWOT Analysis Strengths  Reasonable price for most Vietnamese.  Vietnamese’s palate.  New and attractive design  Local and international material sources.  Active employees  High closed-line production technology  Applying ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Good prepared waste solution system Weaknesses  New trademark  Lack experience managers, employees  Narrow delivery network  Unstable price because of the difference of Foreign and Local currency SWOT Analysis Opportunities  Beer is high potential market in Viet Nam  Viet Nam joined WTO More and more young people into drinking  The break out in technology and internet service  Young and educated population  “ Vietnamese use Vietnamese products” promotion. Threats Instable of policies in Viet Nam  Increasing fuel cost  Viet Nam joined WTO  Natural disasters effect material sources  People tend to use healthy products such as green tea or birds net Objectives:  Product objectives: - Creating more attractive design - Producing convenient plastic bottle beer - Developing beer for younger people and women, high income people - Expanding market to North Viet Nam - Exporting to neighbors such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos Objectives:  Financial objectives: - Increasing revenue 20%  Marketing objectives: - Reaching 10% of Viet Nam’s market share. - Spending 40% profit for advertising and promotion - Improve brand name and customer belief by inviting nutritionists. Segmentation- Target Geographic  Country: Viet Nam  Density: urban and rural  Region: Southern and Central Demographic  Age: 18-50  Gender: Male  Income: Low and middle Psychographic  Social class: average class  Lifestyle: normal, simple and relaxing  Personality: traditional, straightforward, unaggressive, unambitious. Behavioral  Occasions: Tet holiday, meetings, wedding, birthday, etc  Loyalty status: low and middle Customers: Segmentation- Target  Price: Position graph on Price compare with Quality Segmentation- Target  Place: Promotion – Advertising  Advertising: - TV channels (HTV7,VTV3, BTV1,...) - Newspapers (Tuổi trẻ, Người Lao Động, Thanh Niên, Công An,) - Magazines ( Sài Gòn Tiếp Thị) - Panels, Posters - Internet ( - Famous websites (TuoitreOnline, VietnamExpress) Promotion – Advertising  Sale promotion: Promotion programs: - “Drink beer, win 10 Honda AirBlade and many precious rewards ” - Giving discount beer coupons - Etc Promotion – Advertising  Public relationship: - Doing charity works, programs (Vươt lên chính mình, Câu chuyện ước mơ) - Sponsoring for Game shows (Chung Sức), Football teams, Musical shows (Thay lời muốn nói, Quà tặng âm nhạc,..), Campaigns (Mùa Hè Xanh, Hoa Phượng Đỏ) - Raising funds for poor and excellent students - Etc Conclusion  VinaBB is a young company on Vietnam market with the modern technology and active managers.  However, VinaBeer have to face with many difficulties in competition, politics and market share,...  VinaBB should be concentrated on market expansion, advertising, promotion an product’s quality to maintain and develop market position. Trương Thị Phương Khanh Nguyễn Thiên Lý Lê Mai Thy Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhung Lữ Thị Hạnh Nhân Lê Thanh Tùng Nguyễn Thị Như Quỳnh Thank for your attention
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