Y học - Chapter 16: Developing the research proposal

Basis for approval of thesis or dissertation Document requesting funding support Functions served (Locke et al, 2000) A means of communication A plan A contract Format may vary

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Chapter 16Developing the Research ProposalResearch ProposalDocument presenting a researchable problem and a plan of attack and protocol for investigating the problemPurposes of the Research ProposalBasis for approval of thesis or dissertationDocument requesting funding supportFunctions served (Locke et al, 2000)A means of communicationA planA contractFormat may varyTypical Proposal ContentExplanation of the problem to be studiedBackground informationSpecific procedures to be followedGeneral Proposal FrameworkThree chapter modelChapter I – IntroductionChapter II – Review of LiteratureChapter III – ProceduresProposal title12 – 15 words in lengthProblem area precisely identifiedImportant variables identifiedElimination of unnecessary wordsNouns as key wordsChapter I - IntroductionBrief introductionStatement of the ProblemSignificance of the StudyDelimitationsLimitationsAssumptionsHypothesesDefinition of TermsChapter II – Review of Literature Helps justify the studySynthesis of the literature that has a significant relationship to the current problemOrganization may varyChronological orderContent-relatedMethod-relatedContent areasChapter III - ProceduresPresents data collection plan and step-by-step instructions for conducting the investigationTypical content includes:Research participants and sampling techniquesInstrumentation (tests, measures, etc.)Design of the studyAdministrative proceduresData analysis methods
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