Y học - Chapter 17: Writing the research report

Culmination of the research process Options for disclosure Journal article Thesis or dissertation Report to a sponsoring agency Online publication Presentation at professional conference Written report considered option of choice

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Chapter 17 Writing the Research ReportPublic Disclosure of ResultsCulmination of the research processOptions for disclosureJournal articleThesis or dissertationReport to a sponsoring agencyOnline publicationPresentation at professional conferenceWritten report considered option of choiceResearch ReportA written report of the completed research studyDescription of background information, methods of conducting the study, results, and what they meanEssentially the same as writing the proposal with the addition of the findings and their interpretationClarity is fundamentalImportant CharacteristicsClarityOrganizationCorrect presentationCompletenessConcisenessReport Format: Thesis or DissertationPreliminary itemsApproval page, title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, list of tables and figures, abstractChapter I – IntroductionChapter II – Review of Related LiteratureChapter III – ProceduresChapter IV – Results and DiscussionChapter V – Summary, Conclusions & RecommendationsReferencesSupplementary itemsCopies of instruments, consent forms, diagrams, instructionsReport Format: Published ArticleSpecific style and format established by journalPreliminary informationIntroductionMethodsResultsDiscussionReferencesAppendix
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