Tài chính doanh nghiệp - Chapter 5: Australia’s position in international trade and investment

Australia’s position in the world’s GDP and in terms of income (GNP/GNI) per capita Australia’s merchandise trade with the rest of the world Comparative trade indicators Australia’s position in the services trade Australia as a destination of FDI Australia’s direct investment abroad Australia’s top global corporations

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Chapter 5 Australia’s position in international trade and investment13Lecture planAustralia’s position in the world’s GDP and in terms of income (GNP/GNI) per capitaAustralia’s merchandise trade with the rest of the worldComparative trade indicatorsAustralia’s position in the services tradeAustralia as a destination of FDIAustralia’s direct investment abroadAustralia’s top global corporations23The world’s largest economies (GDP in 2003 US$b.)33GDP of economies represented in our MBAIM, US$ billion (world ranking) WORLD Atlas method- Australia : US$522b. (13)- Hong Kong : US$127b. (30)- Malaysia : US$104b. (37)- Singapore : US$91b. (38)PPP method- Australia : US$589b. (16)- Malaysia : US$236b. (34)- Hong Kong : US$185b. (40)- Singapore : US$104b. (54) Source: World Bank at www.worldbank.org/data/databytopic/ 43 Australia's rank in GNP/GNI per capita (2003: US$21,650): World Bank Atlas method 4 9 15 19 27 27 1960 1977 19911995Australia’s Rank20002003Year:53Australia’s position in international trade 1980, 2000, 2003IndicatorsRank 1980Rank 2000Rank 2003*% of World 2003Merchandise exports182526 (17*) 0.9 (1.2*)Merchandise Imports192019 (12*) 1.1 (1.5*)Services exports2321 25 1.2Services Imports1422 21 1.2* excluding intra-EU trade, with EU as an entitySource: adapted from Table 5.163Exports of goods and services as a % of GDP, selected economies, 200373Australia’s merchandise trade, 1993–2003, US$ billion Source: adapted from WTO Annual Report 200483Australia’s top 10 merchandise export markets, % of total exports, 2001–03Source: adapted from DFAT, Australia Economic & Trade Statistics, July 200493Composition of Australia’s merchandise exports and imports, primary products, manufactures, other, 1991, 2003, % of total103Hirschman concentration index for Australia’s merchandise exports YearHirschman concentration index19740.33319840.31519940.30020030.266Source: Calculated from data in DFAT, Direction of Trade Time Series, various editions113Share of intra-industry trade in Australia’s merchandise trade, 1991, 2003, by SITC categorySITC SectionT (1991)T (2003)SITC 035.448.1SITC 192.253.6SITC 216.117.6SITC 342.764.0SITC 498.695.7SITC 545.251.6SITC 692.283.7SITC 736.434.8SITC 832.837.9SITC 932.930.7TOTAL42.445.5Source: Calculated from ABS data, International merchandise Trade (Cat. No.5422.0)123 Australia’s services trade, US$ billion, 1993–2003Source: WTOSource: adapted from WTO International Trade Statistics 2004133Australia’s services exports by main category, as % of total services exports, 1990, 2002Source: adapted from World Bank, World Development Indicators, 2004143Australia’s rank and % share in the world’s foreign direct investment, 1980, 2003 IndicatorsRank 1980Rank 2003% of World FDI 2003FDI outflows9102.5FDI inflows5171.4FDI outward stock9141.6FDI inward stock5112.1Source: adapted from Table 5.1153Australia’s FDI outflows and inflows, US$ billion,1991–2003Source: adapted from UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2004163Foreign investment in Australia by source, % share, as at end of 2003Source: adapted from ABS, Catalogue 5352.0, 20 July 2004173Australian outward foreign affiliates of 641 Australian enterprise groups, 2002–03IndicatorForeign Affiliates by RegionEuropeAsia-PacificAmericasNumber of affiliates97617081328Employment by foreign affiliates 64,928186,23970,757Revenue from sales of goods and services(A$ million)31,32455,95555,131Source: ABS 5368.0 Year Book Australia183Australian companies on Fortune’s top 500 global corporations, 2003, US$b. and rankCompanyRevenues US$b.RankNews Corporation7.5295Coles Myer6.0324National Australia Bank5.8332Woolworths5.7340BHP–Billiton5.6341AMP3.5405Telstra2.6430Source: adapted from Fortune Magazine, 26 July, 2004193